Entry-level spectrophotometers narrow the bandwidth - and the footprint!

Jenway's new 73 series spectrophotometer range provides entry-level instruments with a narrower spectral bandwidth of 5nm and an improved absorbance range of -0.3 to 2.5A, all within an innovative space-saving design.

The patent pending design of the 73 series cleverly minimises the overall footprint of the instrument by incorporating the large graphical display into the instrument's lid. The easy-to-read display is ideal for demonstrations and enables live spectrum and kinetics scans to be clearly viewed. The instruments have the additional option of an integral printer, for further space saving - an important benefit in situations, such as teaching laboratories, where bench space is at a premium.

All four models are supplied with free bi-directional PC software. The advanced models, 7310 and 7315, also have the additional feature of an easy access USB port on the front of the instrument which enables results and methods to be saved directly to a USB memory stick.

The new range includes four spectrophotometers; models 7300 and 7310 cover the visible region of the spectrum; models 7305 and 7315 use a flash xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range into the UV region of the spectrum.

The 73 series has been designed to enhance productivity by offering an extensive range of accessories, including an automated 8 cell turret, sipper and peltier pumps, adjustable path length holders, test tube holders and micro-cuvette holders.

The 73 series spectrophotometers are all covered by a three year warranty which includes the xenon lamp. Other benefits from this new range include icon-driven software, autologging capabilities and an easy, intuitive navigation system. The 73 series spectrophotometers are ideal for use in education and routine quality control applications.

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7315 USB Spectrophotometer