Jenway 73 series can be used to determine the caffeine concentration in beverages

A new Jenway Application Note¹ describes and compares how to determine the concentration of caffeine, in different beverages ranging from energy drinks to tea and coffee, using both the UV and visible wavelength capabilities of the 73 series spectrophotometers.

The caffeine was extracted from the various aqueous solutions and the absorbance was measured using the photometrics mode on the 7305 spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer was operated via the free-of-charge PC software supplied with the instrument. The absorbance results were exported to Microsoft Excel and a linear regression was performed. The concentration mode in the PC software was then used to quantify the caffeine concentration of the sample solutions.

¹ Determination of caffeine in beverages using UV wavelength spectroscopy
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73 series operated using a PC